The King of Swing


Recreating the exciting sound of swing from the 30’s and 40’s, Julian Bliss’ Dynamic virtuosity leads his sextet through some of the great tunes of the swing era, staying true to the authentic feel but naturally with a modern twist
Julian Bliss says “I decided in the summer of 2010 that I wanted to start my own Jazz group. I enlisted the help of Neal Thornton (Piano) to help make this dream a reality. We spent months listening to every version of each tune we could find, and putting together our own versions while still being mindful of the light and fun feel Goodman captured all those years ago. We then had the task of putting the rest of the band together. We were specifically looking for musicians that had a great interest in the Swing era, and I must say we couldn’t have picked a better set of players””

“To join Julian on the front line we eventually chose the complementary sound of the Vibes for the classic Goodman/Hampton sound, Trumpet to give us the contrast and the chance to recreate the big band brass and wind sound a little and Guitar to allow us to explore the Charlie Christian repertoire too. Piano, bass and drums of course for the rhythm section. We’ve put together two sets of varied songs from Goodman’s different band styles which make for an exciting and fun evening. We’ve got some predictable Goodman hits as well as some more unusual repertoire in there for a bit of a surprise”- Neal Thornton, Piano

“Benny Goodman was undoubtedly one of the worlds finest Jazz clarinet players. He brought Swing and the clarinet to an entirely new audience. It has been great fun to explore the life and the music of Goodman, learning many stories about his encounters and the people he played with. We have explored many different versions of tunes he made famous, and while maintaining a certain historical feel, every player has put their own stamp on these arrangements.We also thought it was important to talk between tunes about the Swing era, Goodman, and the other musicians he played with throughout his career. Neal and I try to offer an unbiased point of view about Goodman. We’ve many amusing stories about him, we are determined to make the audience laugh!”-Julian
“Swing music is happy music. Its a classic musical style and its great to be presenting a show of this music dedicated to perhaps the best known figurehead for this music, Mr. Benny Goodman”