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In the Middle of Things Review: "compendium of expressive, well-crafted chamber pieces"

"Clarinettist Julian Bliss and the Fidelio Trio prove articulate cheerleaders for Michael Zev Gordon in this two-decade-spanning compendium of expressive, well-crafted chamber pieces. Bliss joins the Trio for the innocently poetic, excitedly animated, movingly introspective miniatures of Fragment from a Diary and the dream-like blending of Chopin and bossa nova in A Small Folly, before taking centre stage for the exquisite, Zen-like economies of the Three Short Pieces for Clarinet".

Thank you to Michael Quinn at Classical Ear for this four-star review for Michael Zev Gordon's In the Middle of Things, released in March this year.

Read the full review on Classical Ear.


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