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Live from London: performance review

A triumphant review from Seen and Heard International for Julian of his performance at Live from London alongside Jack Liebeck, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Katya Apekisheva and VOCES8 on 17 July 2021.

"The next movement, ‘Abîme des oiseaux’ (Abyss of the birds) is a long clarinet solo. How lucky we are to have Julian Bliss playing this, his breath control stunning. It was hard to tell where notes ended and silence began – but that silence, very much part of Messiaen’s vocabulary, was connective, itself saturated by the sounds around it. Daring to stretch the silences, starting notes from absolutely nothing, this was stunning clarinet playing, agile and avian when required. But it was the import of the slowly evolving lines that remains most in the memory."

C. Clarke - 29 July 2021


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